As I explore my car closer to its limits, the most challenging thing is overcoming the forces with my own muscles. A good example is hammering through a right hander while wanting to shift from 2 to 3; my body is being pulled in the exact opposite direction my arm needs to push to shift gears. Lousy Miata seats don't…

Some girl friends of mine called my gaze 'judgmental' and 'sultry' (actually, on multiple occasions my look has been described as the former). Women and their mixed messages, bah.

Look! The foglamps are circular and proportionally large and don't have oversized housings, just like nature intended! Very refreshing. Modern cars are typically major offenders of the rules of foglamptry.

Contemplating installing a chrome fuel door on my NA. It would complement the door handles and, since I wear a hardtop, the roof latches too. Mine is Classic Red. I don't normally like shine on modern sports cars but chrome fuel doors remind me of vintage race cars. Thoughts?


Bay Area Jalops: have any of you driven State Route 130? The half stemming east from San Jose looks like a splendid driving road, provided it's a decent road surface. Looks nice and windy and hilly on Google Maps.